AJAX Development (Part 6 of 6): AJAX and PHP

While AJAX is a front-end technology, it does interact with back-end components. In this section we'll use PHP to take a peek at the back end of AJAX interactions.

AJAX Development (Part 5 of 6): AJAX With the jQuery Framework

The jQuery Framework has a number of features that make it easy to complete AJAX interactions and work with JSON data. In this chapter you'll use the jQuery Framework to abbreviate your Ajax code.

AJAX Development (Part 4 of 6): XSLT

XSLT allows you apply common style sheet rules to XML content. With XSLT and XML you can display data in a pleasing, readable format.

AJAX Development (Part 3 of 6): AJAX and JSON

JSON is another common format for transmitting nonproprietary data between systems. JSON is lighter weight than XML and is stored in the format of a native JavaScript object.

AJAX Development (Part 2 of 6): AJAX and XML

XML is one of the common formats for transmitting nonproprietary data between systems. It is also commonly used to structure data that is transmitted via AJAX. Learn more in this chapter.

AJAX Development (Part 1 of 6): What is AJAX?

In this chapter you'll learn about the object that is behind all AJAX interactions, the xmlHttpRequest() object. You'll make your first Ajax requests as you complete the materials in this chapter.