dummies®: Choosing the Right Version of DocuSign for Your Business

DocuSign allows you to sign documents electronically. This video explains the different accounts so you can choose the right one for you, whether you sign a few or hundreds of documents a month.

dummies®: Creating Your Own Templates in DocuSign

If you can't find the right template in DocuSign, you can create and upload you own. This video guides you through the steps to create your own template so you can streamline your most repetitive tasks.

dummies®: Electronically Signing Documents With DocuSign

Most of the time you spend with DocuSign is electronically signing documents. This video explains how to upload your document, sign it, and then send it to a recipient.

dummies®: Filling In Forms Through Adobe EchoSign

EchoSign isn't just useful for signatures; you can use it to fill in fields of common forms as well, such as tax forms. This video explains how to access forms through the EchoSign document library or upload your own forms.

dummies®: Finding Out the Benefits of Adobe EchoSign for Your Business

Having an easy-to-use program to electronically sign documents with can be a timesaver for your business. This video explains the many kinds of documents, such as projects or invoices, for which you can use EchoSign.

dummies®: Integrating DocuSign Into Your Business

You can incorporate DocuSign right into your CRM to make signing documents more efficient. The video explains a few of the features you gain when you integrate DocuSign into your workflow, such as templates for forms, embedding DocuSign into your website, and more.

dummies®: Managing Documents With EchoSign's Features

EchoSign offers space to store all your documents, whether you've electronically signed them through EchoSign or not. This video explains how to archive your documents and how to track the documents you've signed or sent out for signatures.

dummies®: Sending Documents to Be Signed Through Adobe EchoSign

If your documents require colleagues' signatures as well as your own, you can use EchoSign to manage the signing process. This video explains how to use EchoSign to sign a document, specify which colleagues need to sign it, and dictate the order.

dummies®: Setting Up Document Templates in DocuSign

If you find yourself signing the same types of documents over time, you can create a template in DocuSign to save yourself some time. This video explains how to find existing template, fill in your information and signature, and send the document.

dummies®: Signing Documents Electronically With Adobe EchoSign

Signing documents electronically is a convenience when you sign a lot of documents. This video explains the simple steps you take to sign your documents and send them off to their destinations.