dummies®: Running a Meeting in GoToMeeting

After you have a GoToMeeting account, it's easy to set up a meeting with your colleagues. This video explains how to schedule a meeting, invite colleagues, and then start and finish the meeting.

dummies®: Adjust Your GoToMeeting Settings and Options

After you conduct a few meetings with GoToMeeting, you'll probably want to customize the interface so you can use GoToMeeting more efficiently. This video explains how to adjust various settings in GoToMeeting, such as adding a company logo.

dummies®: Discovering the Benefits of Collaborating With GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting gives you a convenient way to conduct meetings with colleagues who aren't in the same location. This video explains the benefits you get when you use GoToMeeting for videoconferencing, such as sharing your desktop.

dummies®: Joining a GoToMeeting in Progress

With GoToMeeting, you can attend a meeting wherever you are and with whatever device you want. This video explains how to log into GoToMeeting to join a meeting someone else has set up.

dummies®: Setting Up a Free Conference on GoToMeeting

You don't have to schedule a meeting or even set up an account with GoToMeeting. This video explains how you can set up a conference call on the fly with one or two additional people.