HIPAA Toolkit: What You Need to Know

6 min.

Welcome to the “HIPAA Toolkit: What You Need to Know” video lesson intended to explain the basics of what the average healthcare worker would need to know about HIPAA. This lesson is part of the “HIPAA Toolkit,” which covers a variety of topics related to HIPAA compliance. From this lesson, viewers will learn about protected health information (PHI), how to get the appropriate authorizations when handling PHI, the importance of following the minimum necessary standard, and other best practices for security and privacy. 

HIPAA Crash Course

Welcome to the “HIPAA Crash Course,” which is intended to provide a quick but comprehensive look at HIPAA and how it’s applied to the workplace. This course comprises four video lessons that lay the foundation for understanding HIPAA and describe the three main rules within it. First, there’s the Privacy Rule, which provides parameters for handling protected health information, or PHI, properly. Then, there’s the Security Rule, which explains the standards and specifications you need to secure electronic PHI, or ePHI. And, lastly, there’s the Breach Notification Rule, which ensures you respond appropriately when a HIPAA breach occurs. By completing this crash course, you’ll become familiar with how to navigate the contemporary healthcare system under HIPAA while remaining compliant and keeping information secure.