Aging & Disability Boot Camp 2021

During the 2021 virtual boot camp, the following SAMS and HAR training sessions were presented:

  1. A&D Fundamentals 
  2. A&D Administrator Concepts 
  3. OAAPS Reporting Overview
  4. Services Entry Methods
  5. Best Practice for A&D Assessment Design 
  6. Customer Support Overview

  1. Introduction to SQL Reporting  
  2. SQL Joins and Documentation
  3. Report Formatting and Parameter Creation
  4. Advanced SQL
  5. Reporting 360 
  6. Working with SharePoint and Report Automation

Aging & Disability Boot Camp 2020

This course covers SAMS and Harmony Advanced Reporting (HAR) training topics.

Community Services Boot Camp 2021

Topics covered in this course:

  • User and License Administration: System Preferences
  • Introduction to Community Services
  • HUD and Federal Partner Updates
  • The Provider Tree Structure: Visability
  • Assessments, Forms, Picklists
  • Display Settings and Module Settings
  • Contact Center (CallPoint)
  • Provider Configuration
  • Resource Directory
  • Services & Referrals
  • Unit Manager Administration and Functionality
  • Coordinated Entry: Workflows that Work
  • Data Quality and HUD Reporting
  • Introduction to Qlik Sense: Report Viewing
  • Visualizations: Services and Entry/Exits
  • Expressions: Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced

Community Services Boot Camp 2020

Topics covered include beginning, intermediate and advanced reporting, Qlik Sense visibility, unit manager, and collaboration and networking.

Human Services System Administration Modules

An introduction to eight utilities in WellSky Human Services: Group Setup, Lookups, Roles, User Setup, Workflow Wizards, Screen Designs, Word Merge, and Report Setup. 

Aging & Disability Solution Training

Aging & Disability enables agencies, providers, caregivers, and family members to maximize outcomes through coordinated home and community-based care in support of the Older Americans Act and other services funded by grants and local funds.

Teacher: Lesli Ritchie