Resource Manager for Scheduling

This course covers:

  • Users
  • Templates
  • Preferences
  • Appointment Identifiers

Rehabilitation & Scheduling Boot Camp 2021

This course covers:

  • Content Studio
  • Resource Manager Scheduling
  • Practice Management
  • Pivot Tables


This course is designed to teach clients how to navigate, customize and modify the Rehabilitation software.

Rehabilitation & Scheduling Boot Camp 2020

This course will explain what you can do to customize your content. You’ll learn what you can do and what the constraints are for customizing your documents. You’ll learn how to customize the IPL with problem topics that best fit your organization.

Outpatient Rehab - System Administration

Learn how to use the ADS Manager Tool to setup users and how to use the integrated scheduling portion of WellSky Rehabilitation to perform various system administrator tasks such as: 

  • setting up the scheduling grid
  • creating and maintaining insurance plans, appointment types, and referring physicians  

Outpatient Rehab - Clinician

This training will help you gain an understanding of the outpatient rehabilitation clinician workflow in WellSky Rehabilitation including how to: 

  • configure user settings to customize the Home screen, Patient View screen, and Notifications
  • view the Daily Schedule
  • create clinical documentation  

Outpatient Rehab - Scheduling

Learn how a scheduler in an outpatient rehabilitation clinic can use the  integrated Scheduling portion of WellSky Rehabilitation to: 

  • register a patient
  • create authorizations and referrals 
  • schedule appointments and blocks 

Outpatient Rehab - Content Studio

Content Studio can be used to customize and manage various features in WellSky Rehabilitation. Learn how to: 

  • manage reports 
  • manage the interdisciplinary problem list
  • import and customize the containers and templates used for clinical documentation 

Rehabilitation Non-Hospital

This course is designed for those in management roles who need to gain an understanding of not only the daily functions of the application but also some very important behind-the-scenes functionality.

Inpatient Rehabilitation End User Certification

This course and its lessons are designed to help you fully utilize the WellSky Inpatient Rehabilitation software.