HEAL for Collaboration

Heal for Collaboration is an ideal video for teams to ensure productive open relationships. In any workplace there is the potential for disagreement, conflict and misunderstandings. Finding efficient ways of working, building a fair and inclusive culture, creating opportunities for learning and growing — these all depend on positive relationships and successful collaboration. In this video psychologist Eve Ash explains a powerful way to HEAL team relationships, appreciate diversity and improve collaboration.


Apply LOGIC is a video in which psychologist Eve Ash explains a five-step approach called LOGIC as a clear and sensible process for finding the right solutions. It’s all about critical thinking. We can all feel overwhelmed at times by a problem that seems insurmountable, or a big issue we are unsure how to tackle. LOGIC is a process of critical thinking that enables a more systematic approach to solving problems. When you are confronted by tricky issues or complex problems use Eve Ash's simple formula to help with the process: List, Obtain, Generate, Identify and Confirm.

What to Say When You Have a Personality Clash With a Co-Worker

Not getting along with a team member at work is unpleasant and can harm productivity. This module shows important Dos and DON’Ts involved in sorting out such situations.

4 Strategies for Handling Difficult People

This video, 4 Strategies for Handling Difficult People, provides an insight into the stress reaction that can occur when challenged by a difficult person, and the need to develop patience and coping skills, and even changes to the way you behave. Psychologists Peter Quarry and Eve Ash give practical tips as they explain the power of changing yourself, the importance of learning to control your emotions, the skills for building bridges by developing rapport and how to engage more constructively with the other person.

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations – Principles of De-escalation

Dealing with difficult people has always been a challenge in the workplace, especially when dealing with customers and clients. This new video will help you understand the basic principles and techniques of how to handle difficult people and situations. Today, more than ever, when stress and tensions may be at an all time high, employees need to know how to de-escalate a tense situation so that they don’t progress to more serious types of reactions. It starts with trying to understand where the angry or upset person is coming from and then using the basic techniques of empathy, patience, mirroring, and poise to guide the communication to a more reasonable and manageable level.