Safe Re-Entry During COVID-19 for Employers

Welcome to "Safe Re-Entry During COVID-19 for Employers," a video lesson meant to help organizations bring employees back to work safely according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations. This lesson describes actions employers should take to properly prepare for employees to return to the workplace. Viewers will also learn the CDC's recommended strategies for allowing workers back on site, as well as what to do if an employee gets sick once they've returned to work. Finally, this lesson provides best practices for prioritizing the health and safety of workers once they're back at the work facility.

Safe Re-Entry During COVID-19 for Employees

Welcome to "Safe Re-Entry During COVID-19 for Employees," a video lesson devoted to helping us all navigate the process of returning to work safely! In this lesson, we'll explore what information to learn before going back to work and what safety precautions to take after returning to the worksite. We'll also take a look at some high-level tips for maintaining our peace of mind despite any stress or fear we may face as a result of re-entering the workforce. This next COVID-19 challenge may be daunting, but we'll get through it as long as we remember we're all in this together!