Photoshop Fundamentals (Part 8 of 10): Project 1

Be guided through compositing a complex image by selecting source images from another image.

Photoshop Fundamentals (Part 7 of 10): Preparing for Output

It's important to understand how to output content to print or screen. Output is reviewe in this section.

Photoshop Fundamentals (Part 6 of 10): Mastering the Pen Tool

The pen tool is often misunderstood but is key to making complex selections and drawing complex or curved figures.

Photoshop Fundamentals (Part 5 of 10): Color

Understanding how color works with Photoshop and how to make ccolor corrections on images that are discolored.

Photoshop Fundamentals (Part 10 of 10): Project 3

In this project, you are going to create a postcard mailing ad by adding images from several source files into the postcard background.

Photoshop Fundamentals (Part 1 of 10): Making Selections

Learn to make selections with the basic selection tools offered by Photoshop. Learn to select basic shapes in the background.